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Walk to the "Crucola"

Agritur La Crucola - Flavon of Contà Saturday 29 April 2023 at 11.00 Walk in the woods. Arrival at the "Crucola", panoramic point of the Val di Non. Picnic and then snack with cake and apple juice. Return at about 3.30 pm. Place: Agritur La Crucola, Via Giuseppe Verdi 5 – Flavon di Contà Price: € 20 adults - € 15 children up to 12 years (the excursion is recommended for children aged 8 and over) Info and booking REQUIRED Tel. 350.1385688 -

Tovel Lake Tour

Do you need a relaxing walk? Well, Tovel Lake will leave you amazed. During summer nights you can walk surrounded by fireflies and in Spring you will enjoy the smell of wild lilies growing along the like shores. The best moment to visit the lake is of course during the week when there are not so many tourists. Tovel Lake is located inside Adamello Brenta Natural Park and it’s the biggest natural lake in Trentino. Its water is blue-green and incredibly crystal clean.

Sanctuary of San Romedio

This sanctuary is one of the most characteristic in Europe.

It’s located in Val di Non, built on a more than 70 meters high rocky spur. According to legend, San Romedio lived here alone with a brown bear as a friend.

The sanctuary consists of 5 small churches and chapels built on a rock and connected by a steep stair featuring 131 steps.

The path leading to the Sanctuary of San Romedio is one of the most enchanted and full of spirituality in Trentino.

It’s a place loved by families and children because of a great brown bear living in the wildlife area of the sanctuary.

Castel Thun

For centuries the castle was the residence of the Thun family, one of the oldest and powerful of Trentino’s noble dynasties. Witness of glorious and decline periods through the centuries, the castle was built during the mid-13th century on a hilltop near the village Vigo di Ton. From its position it looms over the entire valley and it’s surrounded by a complex system of fortifications made of towers, defensive bastions, a walkway along the walls and a moat built during the 16th century. In 1992 Castel Thun was purchased by the Autonomous Province of Trento and after a long and challenging restoration in 1992 was opened to the public.

Novella River Park

In the Novella River Park you can walk suspended on metal walkways and let yourself be led by emotions that only such a mysterious place can give you. Or you can get aboard a kayak and discover the hidden paradises in the charming and wild gorges of Torrente Novella. You can also try the thrilling experience of canyoning through the fresh and limpid waters discovering the Canyon of Castelfondo. The stream Novella created through a million year work a masterpiece of nature that anyone can visit and see walking on the skybridge along the high gorges: that will leave you breathless.

Excursions on foot and by MTB

The Val di Non is the right place for beautiful excursions, on the gentle plateaus, among the local villages, or the spectacular peaks.

Giardino esterno Agritur la Crucola

The garden

is at your disposal to rest, sunbathe, read and chat

The garden

is at your disposal to rest, sunbathe, read and chat